We offer the best available facilities to our children in pursuit of giving them good knowledge.

We offer excellent facilities to our children in order to give them the best set up to study. We have state of the art facilities, the school has well equipped, furnished ,spacious and well ventilated classrooms in the huge infratsture.

Computer labs and digital classrooms

Computer labs and smart classrooms initiates our young students into captivating world of computing, and introduces them to its wide and ever increasing range of application.

Computer education is introduced in all standards in our school. our curriculum accepts valuble inputs from various agencies in the field of computer education program for schools.


Computer Education initiates our young students into the captivating world of computing, and introduces them to its wide and ever increasing range of applications.

Computer Education is introduced in all Standards in our school. We have developed a unique curriculum accepting valuable inputs from various agencies involved in the field of computer education program for Schools.


A healthy body promotes a healthy mind thus our school encourages the children to be healthy in both body and mind. Sports provide an excellent opportunity for our students to stay healthy, develop good interpersonal skills and concentration, and foster camaraderie, among other things. I hear, I forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand. True to this ancient saying, we emphasize hands-on practical work, as far as possible, to help our students understand the theories of science.


Lab work helps bring forth the child's innate curiosity and channels it into a systematic exploration of things which are unknown. At the middle level and higher level students have well equipped laboratories and modern scientific teaching aids.

Our laboratories attest to our commitment to provide high quality education. We have embarked on an ambitious project to equip our schools with a hi-tech Lab.

The infrastructure is enriched with following laboratories:

  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Biolaogy laboratory
  • Mathematics laboratory
  • Yoga laboratory
  • Music laboratory
  • Personality development chamber.

Maharana pratap auditorium

The auditorium is named after the greatwarrior Mahrana pratap where the children gathers for assembly and the huge stage is used for various activities. The stage is a platform where the students learn to speak before a huge association of people which prepare them for future endeavor.


Qualified and dedicated laboratory staff aid students with their experiments. Indeed our Computer, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Yoga laboratories are enviable.


A recent concept, Smart Class can help tremendously in explaining abstract principles through do-it-yourself exercises, models and special teaching aids. This will go a long way in making the study of complete curriculum, dreaded by many, more learner-friendly.


The students are exposed to the world of knowledge through the vast number of books in our libraries. Our library is well stocked with books. Care is also taken to furnish the libraries with good and rare reference books.


We encourage the students to develop a wide-reading habit of books in English, so they will be well informed and develop a good command of the English language in speaking and writing.

The world is changing faster than ever before. Students around the world today are exposed to new learning methods so powerful in their impact and they may well transform our entire concept of education. Therefore, it has now become more critical than ever before to provide our student an opportunity to become globally competitive.


We have a unique Audio - Visual education enhancements that has been designed by prominent Educationalists and Information Technology experts to stimulate and enrich the teaching/learning process and encourage the students to look, absorb, retain and recall their lessons effectively. This is an effective teaching tool with a comprehensive structure, exhaustive content base and lucid presentation style, covering all classes and subjects, based on the school syllabus.